Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Friday, February 3, 2012


~ I meant to change the way I title posts at the New Year, then forgot. Dates are better, 'cause a lot of my titles were lame. This takes the pressure off.

~ I've made it halfway through today and run out of steam. I would blame it on my breakfast of cookies, but that would preclude a lunch of cookies, and that's what I'm having right now.

~ This is sweet:

~ A large cookie crumb just rolled down the front of my overalls and into the keyboard. Now the spacebar keeps jamming. Damn.

~ I think this is an amusing way to parent.

~ Here's a funny rabbit, from Aunt Micky:

~ At various points in the future, I see myself being in the market for: a career; some long-ish term travel; a new bicycle; a fireplace; a haircut; a grant for River's Wish; a bathroom re-do; a trip with G to the La Brea tar pits; a shower; more cookies.

~ The hubs made this for dinner at Step-dad's house a couple nights ago. It was good. (But he put half of it in the blender for a second at the end and then mixed it all up and it was a much better consistency than the original recipe.)

~ He also tried this one last month. It wasn't as popular, though I'm kind of obsessed with the roasted cauliflower. I think I'll have to try growing some cauliflower this summer.

~ Several of the rabbits are in the middle of a big-ass shed-fest, which means that despite our best efforts to sweep and dustmop, oh, at least three times a day, walking through the living room still creates a swirling storm of bunny fuzz in your wake. It's tremendously frustrating, and I'm hoping dim lighting will disguise it when everyone comes over tomorrow for dinner.

Love, J