Sunday, October 31, 2010


This morning as we raked the yard, the hubs asked me if I thought we were in a better place than we were a year ago. I liked this question, because the answer is, "absolutely."

Ways Fall 2010 beats the pants off Fall 2009:

~ I've passed the bar exam
~ Hubs is done with the police academy
~ We're totally settled into our house
~ My student loans are about 1/2 what they were a year ago
~ We've got 4 sweet rabbits
~ The uncertainty of what the hub's job will be like is gone

I may still be floundering career-wise, but recognizing all of the ways we have made progress this year helps me relax and enjoy the many good things that have come our way.

Plus, when I look at my posts from a year ago, I can only be grateful. Because this afternoon is so different from that one. Today I am reading a novel in our sun-drenched living room, with four little friends lounging all around me.

When Officer Hunky wakes up from his nap, we're going to Pier One, just because, and then maybe out to dinner. Why? Because we can. Because without tome after mind-numbing tome of dense legal grossness to pour over, I can fritter a Sunday afternoon away without suffering a crippling guilt attack.

That is the main reason why Fall 2010 kills Fall 2009.

And maybe Fall 2011 will trounce this year because it will find me gainfully employed in some schmancy legal aid office, my guy and I joyfully ensconced in a carefree DINK life. You never know - a lot can change in a year.

Love, J

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you note

Dear Jessica,

A while back, I wished for a good book. Within days, you stuck a package in the mail, shipped it all the way from Sin City; my new favorite book.

The Help.

So. Good.

Jessica, you should know that I read it right up, and then lent it to my grandmother, who called me the next day to mock-scold me for depriving her of her beauty rest. It was so good, she couldn't put it down.

And then it was passed along to my step-dad, who read it pretty fast too, which was special because up until now the only books we've both read and enjoyed have revolved around Chuck Norris or Bigfoot. (Chuck Norris = The Man. But everyone knows that.)

G even made it about a chapter in, before the Hubs saw she was taking reading material suggestions and distracted her with a paperback about sharks.

And now it's sitting on my vanity, waiting to be handed off to a friend who is recovering from surgery and is bored sitting at home on bed rest.

So thank you, Jessica. You are a very good friend, and I just wanted you to know that your sweet little gesture has been a gift that's kept on giving.

Love you bunches, J

Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to hibernate

I'm calling it: fall is here. It's rainy and cold-ish, but here's what really marks the end of summer for me:

1. pulling out the garden (check)
2. swapping out the sundresses in my closet for long pants and sweaters (check)
3. planting garlic (this weekend)
4. juicing our grapes (this weekend)

I'm not even too sad about it this year, having fully enjoyed lots of hot days out among my tomato plants. Right now I am pleasantly resigned to spend the next 5 months in my natural habitat: watching TV on the couch, knitting project in my lap. Or, if the internet goes out or I run low on Hulu goodies, curling up with a library book.

I'll go outside if there's enough snow to sled in, but other than that, I prefer to enjoy the great outdoors only through my windows once it gets cold.

See you in the spring.

Love, J

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another change

I'm in yet another professional transition, and am seriously hoping that it is my situation, and not just an inborn restless, impossible-to-please-ness, causing me to move on. After angsting over the rough edges of my job for enough weeks in a row, I reached my breaking point and ended things by leaving myself without a job to angst over.

Which solves all the external yuckiness (or it will, once I am replaced and out of here), but I'm still plagued by a tiny but niggling voice suggesting that some of the dissatisfaction may be internal. Wouldn't that be unfortunate.

I feel like I should have everything figured out by now. That by 26 (almost 27), I ought to know what I'm doing. Or, at the very least, where I am headed. I think that by doing the college-then-law-school thing, I fooled myself into thinking I had a plan, and that I wasn't susceptible to this kind of drift. But school ended, and with no more marked trail to follow (freshman, sophomore... 2L, 3L), I've lost my momentum. And in the process learned that momentum is very key to my ability to get anywhere.

So now I drift. I'm just bobbing along, hoping to wash ashore of wherever I'm meant to be and thus avoid the scary (probably inevitable) fact that such washing does not happen. At some point, I'm actually going to have to choose.

Fortunately, thanks to this job, I know better what I am not willing to compromise. And while it would be hugely unwise for me to detail the ugliness of my short foray into legal assisting here (even understanding that I have at most 5 followers - Hi Aunt Sue!), I will at least defend my decision by declaring that the objective unpleasantness of this position justified my leaving. For reals. And this will always be true, even in the event that my life unfolds in a way that proves me to be a quitter at heart.

(But uuuuuhhhg, I hope that's not what happens.)

Stay tuned.

(Bye Aunt Sue!)

Love, J

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I heart them

He's another year older, and another meal of Grandma's-mac-&-cheeze happier.

Love, J

Monday, October 11, 2010


Something exciting* is happening around here...

Love, J

* "Exciting" by lame, home improvement standards. I'm not going to Disney World or anything. Damn it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been busy digging holes.

Our yard is now home to 28 new little dogwood shrubs. Phew!

Love, J

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 good things

1. This morning I woke up with two rabbits sleeping at the foot of my bed.

2. I am obSESSing over "The Seasons on Henry's Farm," and having lots of fun planning a bigger, better garden for next summer. (With cold frames! And asparagus! Oh, my!)

3. My head cold is almost all better.

Love, J

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cooper Walks

Less than a year later, and he's all better!

(I don't know why the imbedding link chose to display the frame that shows him peeing.) (But that is one of the more impressive things he can do now, with just two good legs.)

He's had a rough year, but is such a lucky dog.

For months, Step-dad took off early from work to drive him way up to the north side for physical therapy appointments (acupuncture and a water treadmill!) twice a week. To go from the animal shelter to a household like that is a pretty sweet deal, and he repays them by being such a happy, affectionate boy.

Love, J