Monday, November 16, 2009

Dog news

Me: I can come over and help him out, while you're at work.

Too-considerate step-dad: Well, I don't want to put you out, hon', you're busy.

Me: I'm unemployed. What do you think I'm busy doing?

Too-considerate step-dad: Well, you have your crafting stuff you do.

(The conversation ends there because the hubs and I are laughing too hard for me to respond.)

G's dog Cooper was hit by a truck last week, and is recovering. I cannot believe how fast he seems to be improving, considering he lost one of his hind legs and has a broken pelvis. I talked too-considerate step-dad into giving me the morning nurse shift until Cooper can be up and around, which sounds like it may be as fast as a couple of weeks.

I can't even comprehend how fast this is. Can you imagine? Animals are amazing. And he's being
such a good sport, you can tell his pain tolerance is through the roof. We're all way bigger babies about just watching how bad he hurts than he is about actually hurting.

In related news, a few days before Cooper's accident, G coaxed a neighborhood stray into the backyard and has kept her around ever since. We're trying to find her owner, but haven't had any luck so far. With all the attention that Cooper needs now, she's been sort of bored just laying around with nothing to do.

Is anyone around Spokane interested in housing a very sweet girl? Maybe permanently, if no owners come forward? G's been calling her 'Luna,' and she's a total lover and very pretty. And if you ever need a place for her to stay while you're out of town, G and Cooper will gladly host her for a while.

Love, J

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