Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dad's day sail

Step-dad has been sailing tons and tons this summer and I finally joined him last Sunday.  O usually goes with him and they are such a cute crew of two.  

Step-dad: "O we're luffing" (or something equally gibberish) 

O jumps up and cranks a handle or pulls a rope or something and step-dad seems satisfied. 

Obviously I have a very thin grasp on what's happening (okay, no grasp at all), but it's fun to watch them run things.  

And the sun feels nice.

Love, J

Monday, June 29, 2015

Alice's favorite game

I caught her napping on the bookshelf.

And then:

Her favorite is to climb to the back of the couch and launch herself into the kitchen when I'm doing dishes.  It seems like she's aiming for my shoulder but she'll land anywhere - my head, the sink, the counter.  She's not the most precise flyer.

Love, J

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The real news

Alice the Chicken is not the only new addition to our household.  There is also SL the Child.

She's not all-the-way ours yet but we expect she will be within the year.  For reasons both legal and emotional, she won't feature heavily here or on any of my social media for now.  Or maybe ever.  I haven't decided.

I will let this picture tell you that she and the hubs make a mean rapping duo when they bust out the karaoke machine.

Love, J

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hello again.  

I'm going through a years-long phase where I would rather set myself on fire than sit down to a computer away from work.  

However, I've got a backlog of some sweet photos*, videos, and general life updates I want to record, so here I am.  

We have a chicken now.  She showed up under step-dad and O's** back deck about a month ago, and was passed along to our household because we don't live with any sneaky cats who eyeball her with that rotten look on their face that says they're just biding their time until the humans leave the room.

This is her a few days after coming to live with us, when she was much smaller:

I really appreciate her company while I play in the garden.  The rabbits all need constant supervision so I have to keep them in their pens if I want to get anything done.  But this girl just follows me around, cheeping, eating bugs, and taking dirt baths.

She also makes an excellent nap buddy.

And she appreciates the Daily Show.  This is not strictly necessary to win my affection, but it does get you pretty far.

She's living in the kitchen until her coop is finished.  Then we'll get her some chicken friends and she'll move outside with them.

For now she seems very content just hanging out with us and the rabbits.  She's especially bonded with Ginny, who also goes by "The White Rabbit."  And so our little hen is "Alice."

Love, J

*Please forgive the noticeable downgrade in photo quality.  I never replaced Photoshop after we lost our laptop in the burglary, so all these pictures are off my phone and mostly raw, with maybe a couple run through a filter.

**G now goes by O and uses male pronouns.  Same person; same cute little face; same eye roll when he hears me talk about his cute little face.