Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beeswax candle night - Part II

The candles G & I made are still stuck in their molds. One of many projects I've begun with gusto only to lose interest when I hit a roadblock.

So we tried a different tact this week, with much better results. These burn great and are made with way less wax than the other kind were. Also, making these is a billion times quicker and makes no mess at all.

To make: Put a sheet of pure beeswax in a very slightly warm oven for a minute or so to soften, then roll it up tight with a wick in the center. Make sure you roll it as tight as possible, or the wick will burn faster than the wax and create a chimney effect.

I've still got tons of wax sheets left, so I'm going to be rolling in candles for a good while. Good thing, too, because I love burning a few and making the house all cozy and honey-ee while it rains and blusters like it's been doing so often lately.

Love, J

PS ~ Keep a serious eye on the wax in the oven, and take it out as soon as it begins to get soft enough to roll. G & I managed okay, but as we wound down, the hubs wanted to jump in and try one himself. We didn't give him very precise instructions, and his wax melted all over the oven. Messy!

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