Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keeping busy and then some

~ Yesterday/Today ~

8:00 PM last night: I get a call from my best friend from college. She'll be in Spokane for a few hours tomorrow night, and can I hang out? Absolutely.

8:30 PM: Hubs and I head out for dancing with friends in Coeur d' Alene.

12:00 AM this morning: We get a call from mom-in-law asking if we can run to their house and take mom-to-be to the hospital, she's in labor.

2:00 AM: Mom-in-law and I go with mom-to-be to the hospital, and hubs stays home with dad-to-be, who is way sick himself.

5:00 AM: Hubs picks me up at the hospital so we can go home and go to bed. Mom-to-be still hasn't been admitted, and it looks like she won't be.

6:00 AM: Go to sleep.

11:00 AM: Text from mom-in-law~ everyone's back at home, resting and waiting. Mom-to-be is walking around and trying to get things rolling.

11:15 AM: Text from college friend ~ she can stay the night with us after all, and will get to Spokane around 7 tonight.

12 PM - 3 PM: Hubs and I scrub the house and gut the office (which hasn't been picked up since it was used as the place-to-toss-random-crap during bar prep time). It needs to be all tidy because parents-to-be & new baby will be staying with us for a while until the in-laws' house remodel is done.

3:15 PM: Text from mom-in-law~ still nothing new to report.

3:30 PM: I relax with a snack and a book. I find an unidentified object in my apple fritter and turn it over to the hubs. He sets up a little crime scene and after some analysis, declares it to be a fingernail.

3:45 PM: Hubs is ready to head out to the store to complain about fingernail doughnut. (I don't think it's worth complaining about, but he did all that crime scene work, and wants to follow this through to its conclusion.)

3:50 PM: As he leans over to kiss me goodbye, hubs knocks over my full cup of scalding hot tea and it pours down my back. I react with what I think is a very reasonable amount of... zeal, and hubs suggests that maybe I am overdoing it on the theatrics. We then mutually decide it would be best for him to just get back to his fingernail doughnut sleuthing and let me clean myself up.

Normally a trip to the grocery store is considered an eventful Sunday for us. In the last 24 hours I've had about as much excitement as I usually get in a month. I like it though (except for the fingernail doughnut and tea burns on my back). Mostly I am SO grateful this day didn't happen a month ago while I was still studying, because at that time I am sure anxiety would have won out over excitement and I would be in a much different mood.

As it is, I'm just ready to see what happens next.

Love, J

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