Thursday, March 18, 2010

New niece

Our pretty little niece arrived last night. This means that not only is she a St. Patrick's Day baby, but she's also a Pisces. And that means I finally have an excuse to share this rockin' video:

Both baby and mom are doing beautifully.

Love, Aunt J


  1. wow...that was rockin'....I need to learn that dance

  2. Hehe, remember when we learned the dance at the end of 'Spice World' at your birthday party?

    Based on that night, I feel confident you could pull off the Pisces dance. But first you need a teal lamé unitard, white boots, and 80s hair.

  3. hahaha I am so glad you reminded me of that....I think I'll go look for my unitard and boots tomorrow.

  4. Another classic with awesome choreography: