Saturday, July 23, 2016


Cousin A and I went on our NYC trip to see Hamilton.  We were only there for two full days but we tried to do everything.

Calling the folks

A says, "That's where they eat lunch on Gossip Girl!"  The whole trip was filled with me making references to Friends and her to Gossip Girl.  We speak the same language, just a generation removed.  At least we have Parks & Rec in common.

Girl had never had cheesecake before!

This police officer was:
a) Really nice about helping us figure out the subway, and
b) REALLY excited when we asked to get a picture with him.  His cop-buddy took this picture and told him, "Give them your hat!"

Eating our NYC bagels on the sidewalk outside Tiffany, doing Mr. Capote proud

A found her dream souvenir on Canal St: A knockoff Chanel

Oh, Hamilton.  How we love you.
Months of anticipation for this moment

We may or may not have clutched at each other through the whole first act, silently freaking out.


View from our seats

The activities were fun but the company was perfection.  One of the best weeks of my life, no contest.  

Love, J

Friday, July 22, 2016

Red, white and blue quilt

I made a little lap quilt from old t-shirts, because it sounded fun.

It took me over two years.  Because, you know, life.

When it was done I dropped it went in the mail as a surprise gift for my best friend from elementary school, who grew up to be an Army nurse.  I am impressed by things I cannot do.  "Army" and "nurse" are both on that list.  Becky is badass.

Love, J

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Some stuff that's happened

Some catch-up, in no particular order:

Dad/Daughter Avett Brothers Date

Art for the Animals

Freya love

Last minute call from little brother: "Dad and me are at karaoke, come quick."

The Hubs and Alice, 4ever