Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love listing

Our wireless isn't working for some reason, and it's way less fun to kill time online when I'm stuck back in the office, rather than on the couch in all the action.

But just for the sake of checking in, here's a little love list for you:

1. This weekend = Dad and other family in town for Bloomsday. Out dancing Friday. Then probably more dancing Sat., at brother-in-law's wedding.

2. I got a heat mat with a birthday gift card, and now my starts are popping up like gangbusters. The greenhouse is filling up with a few new baby plants every day!

3. The peas in the garden have sprouted.

4. Oo, and I've got a new project. The library in my neighborhood is sort of lame small, but I recently realized that it's teeniness may make it possible for me to eventually work my way through all of its books. Or at least the novels (and I'm skipping anything too macabre). (Our internet issue is helping me move through books very fast, since it also nixes any TV watching.)

5. The hubs got his summer schedule assigned this morning and it's waaaay better than his winter hours have been. We may actually be able to hang out together in the daylight at some point!

Love, J

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reposting Found Animals

If anyone cares to check out Found Animals again, they posted a couple of videos of the rabbits throughout the week. I *think* there may be another video put up before they replace us with next week's stars, but I could be wrong. I just wanted to throw this up here while I know we're still on the site:

Love, J

PS~ Aunt Micky: I've only lost ONE tiny seedling since moving everything to the greenhouse and starting to use your lights. So thank you very much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very Pinteresting

I have found and LOVE pinterest. It's like we heart it, only there are links to tutorials and recipes and stuff, so it's actually even better.

I've sent off for an invitation and soon will have a pinboard of my own. If any of you join, let me know and we can link up! I kind of love stuff like this for inspiration.

Love, J

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A house for greens

Isn't she glorious? No matter how many projects like that he undertakes, I will never get used to my hot husband's mad building skills. I mean, he can go buy wood and nails and then just make a freaking greenhouse with plans he made up in his head, for crying out loud.

It's *finished* in that it is functional and I've moved my starts out there full time. The hubs still wants to seal up some of the cracks and side and paint it. And I've got plans that involve gutters and rain barrels at the corners. And filling the thing with all kinds of big, heat-loving vegetables, of course.

But even without those finishing touches, it's basically the coolest (warmest) thing ever. The photo above was taken from inside the greenhouse. It's so bright in there! Wonderful! I'm gushing and I don't care!

Love, J

Monday, April 18, 2011

Found Animals website

The hubs and I are "Stars of the Week" on the Found Animals adoption website!

Check it out here. They'll post more stuff on our rabbits as the week goes on, including some pretty cute videos, which I've tried to post directly on the blog but can't figure out how.

Also, the big project is done, photos tomorrow... drumroll please...

Love, J

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the rafters

My birthday present is nearing completion, and looking sooo good I can hardly stand it!

Love, J