Monday, November 16, 2009

Because 'success' is totally subjective:

The craft fair was an extraordinary success. I sold practically nothing, but it wasn't my fault. I think maybe 20 people passed our little booth all day on Saturday. And a lot of those people were family we had invited to come visit us.

But I could not have had more fun, visiting with my friend. I think we may have scared away the few people who did stop by our table, since we spent a lot of the day falling out of our chairs and crying from laughing so hard. And then we both played hooky on Sunday (probably along with most of the other vendors), since Saturday's turnout was so spectacularly lame.

I do think that craft fairs would be a fun holiday season tradition, though, so next year I'll plan a bit ahead and try to get into a few that actually have customers!

Love, J

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  1. um...I pretty bummed I missed this. It sounds like it was very entertaining.