Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking my schmoopiness a tad too far

Am I talking too much about the bunny? I feel like I've become some mutant hybrid of the mom-bloggers who give updates on the most minute details of their childrens' routines and the weird cat ladies who refer to their pets as their 'kids.'

But you have to understand what a big deal this whole thing is for me. I haven't been able to love on any four-legged, furry creatures for the better part of the past two decades. Sure, I've made exceptions for the occasional puppy now and then, but I am always punished later by eyes-swollen-shut, sneezing, wheeze fits. And if I'm really incautious, I get to go to the hospital.

This has acted as aversion therapy and led me to develop a basic dislike for animals. No desire to ride horses. No compulsion to pet a friendly cat or play with a dog who brings me a tennis ball. I'm sure this began as a defense mechanism, but it's evolved into my becoming probably the world's only vegetarian who is indifferent to animals.

And then came Lily. I can hold her without sneezing. I can pet her without my eyes puffing up. I can let her lick my hand, and my skin won't raise up in ugly welts. And I can kiss her. I can bury my face in her tiny, silky forehead, and not have to rush for my inhaler afterward.

So excuse me if I'm going overboard on the bunny blog love. She's just kind of a big deal around here. Plus, honestly, I have the same problem as the mom-bloggers who overshare about their kids' diaper contents: I don't have a lot else going on.

Love, J

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  1. Plus bunnies are beautiful and, contrary to what most people out there think, have very interesting personaliities. I'm so glad Lily made her way into your life! My buns Petra and Sugar send their best.