Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One of those days

The rabbit and I were both out of sorts yesterday.

I spent the morning recording my business law notes to iTunes so I can listen to them while I crochet. Around that same time, Lily turned into hell on wheels and started doing wind sprints up and down the length of the living room.

It was hilarious; she can't get very good traction with her little claws, so she skitters around and spins out and crashes into things. On the recordings, you can hear her tearing around in the background and then my voice gets all strained as I try not to burst out laughing.

Even though I tackled the recordings, mostly I spent the day without mustering any appreciable amount of ambition. It was one of those don't-want-to-leave-the-house days, so I ate what we had: a half a cucumber, some dry Rice Krispies and a brownie. I didn't get dressed until 6pm, right before I had to leave for yoga class.

In the late afternoon, Lily came off whatever high she'd been on and slinked off to nestle under our bed. When I went in to cuddle with her, she tolerated it for about 30 seconds before she bit me. After the hubs got home, he tried to coax her out and met the same fate. I was finally able to bribe her out with a piece of apple around 10.

We both just had a hard time getting it together.

Fortunately, the third member of our household had a better handle on things. After his big final exam at the academy yesterday, I received this text:

He graduates on Friday!

Today is already going better. And I have two more good things to say about Spokane:

1) Our neighbors across the street have chickens and sell the eggs. I love how 'Little House on the Prairie' this makes me feel.

2) Spokane has weather. It RAINS here. It SNOWS here. It gets HOT and COLD here. None of the temperate, practically the same temperature all year 'round junk that we had on the other side of the mountains. This morning it's gorgeous and cold and foggy. Very Christmas-ee.

The view from my herb window in the kitchen.

Love, J

PS ~ My little project is coming along...

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