Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Projects and progress - Part 4

The kitchen's done! Just in time for Thanksgiving.

This is what it looked like on inspection day, before we moved in:

Grandpa S. was his usual helpful self and painted it top-to-bottom with the hubs:

My father-in-law was resourceful and
handy, finding a great, used dishwasher and then installing it for us:

And the hubs got to use the mad vinyl skills he picked up the summer he worked at the university floor shop in college:

And the final result...

Oooo, aaaah.

We replaced the oven with a garage sale find and the fridge with a new one. We
thought the fridge broke one day, and then had the new one installed before I realized the old one wasn't really broke after all. Sort of annoying. But this one's way energy-efficient (and prettier), so it all worked out.

And even though everyone has lots of suggestions on what we should replace our counters with, they are staying put. I like the light color, the gold speckles in it, and even the fact that it's already stained in spots so that I don't have to worry about leaving stains of my own.

Love, J

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