Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another picture-less post

I do have things to write today.

I'd like to show you the *new* curtains I scored at Value Village yesterday afternoon.

Or finally post some before and after photos of our kitchen.

And I've been meaning for a while now to share some other projects I've finished - slippers, scarf, gloves, headband.

But I'm not posting from home this week, and home is where all the pictures of those things are right now.

So I will wait.

And while I wait, I will sit with this sad dog, who thankfully is not in much pain anymore. And un-thankfully (for me. he doesn't seem to mind) has a heinous case of gas this morning.

He still only has the use of two legs. One front and one back.

And he looks oh-so-pathetic when he drags himself around the parlor, and off the blanket I had him laying on. Because he prefers to 'do his business' on the carpet instead. And then take a nap.

I guess even doing your business is hard work when you're short two legs.

Love, J

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