Friday, November 13, 2009

Vitamin C(razed woman assaults postal worker)

I really like this pretty suitcase.

I think I have to go to the grocery store this morning to buy oranges. I'm planning an attack on my mailman,
a la Napoleon Dynamite. (Just watching that clip cheered me up, by the way.)

He keeps bringing me bad news. Today it was a letter from the dream job I applied for a while back, saying they're not interested. Nevermind that it's maybe for the best, and now I can give my full attention to studying - it's still so insulting.

I try to keep my whining on here to a minimum. I figure that if you know me well, you get your fill when you see me in person. And if you don't, you probably don't want to hear it anyway.

But casting about for happy topics even on my down days feels dishonest. I get sad. Bad things happen. And that's as much a part of my life as are all the pretty, light moments. So hopefully you'll forgive an odd depressed post. I will stop writing if it becomes too regular a thing.

Anyway, aside from my rage at my postal worker and planned battery-by-citrus, this day is mostly not so bad. The electricians got our dishwasher up and running - yay! - and in a few hours I get to go grab G and then set up for tomorrow's craft fair.

4 wrist cuffs richer & 40 flashcards wiser

Speaking of which, I was able to make 4 more wrist cuffs yesterday after discovering that I can crochet and memorize flashcards at the same time. And with skills like that, I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding a job once I start looking again.

But right now I don't want a job. I want an orange.

Love, J


  1. Jessica!! So my blog updater thing never told me that you had updated, until NOW! So I am looking at each of your posts from at least 2 months ago since I had no idea that you had updated. . . I am so sorry to hear about the bar exam, I adore your new housemate, I love the wristcuffs you are making, and congrats to Josh for becoming a cop! You guys have been so busy! It was also so fun to see pictures of your halloween party! Was that drag queen Randy's Little brother?!?! Wow, I got a good laugh out of that! So now I will be checking your blog more regularly, even if it says you haven't updated! I really was missing you and your updates!! We are going to be in Spokane the Tues. before Thanksgiving until Sunday, so hopefully we can catch up! Miss you tons and hope you are doing good!


  2. I actually had the same problem as Natalie. It didn't tell me you updated forever and I was beginning to miss your anecdotes and life updates so I finally just had to check myself. Honestly you're the most entertaining blogger that I follow...granted most everyone else I follow falls into the "mormon mom" please don't stop blogging, even if the posts do become negative, because honestly I think you have ever right to be ticked. The stupid bar exam screwed you over and you didn't get the job you wanted!! Let me know if you want to go egging sometime to let out any frusteration. adios.