Monday, November 2, 2009

All dressed up and somewhere to go

I love cool fall nights, costumes, trick-or-treaters, parties, decorating for parties, and friends. Saturday had all of those things.

The menfolk are totally riveted. Must be football, right?

Wrong. They're watching Ice Age.

That's cool, though. The womenfolk have this decorating thing down.

The hubs & our host do a celebratory dance once the house is all party-ready.

So happy it's Halloween!

Costume time.

My first year not trick-or-treating with G (she wanted to go with friends instead). It's fun to pick a costume without having to worry about being warm enough!

Note the door pumpkin's pose, a little homage to MJ.

Popeye, Luigi, Matt Foley, Rambo, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

They for sure had the most elaborate/fancy homemade costume.

Enjoy this photo while it's up. I'm sure he'll make me take it down as soon as he sees it here. Do you think this is really how Rambo dances?

How great is this costume? It even really dispensed wine out the side spout.

The drag queen in the background is my high school friend's 'little brother,' who I haven't seen since he was about 13. He's sure grown up!

Goin' to the 'gun show'

Her belly seems a lot smaller when you compare it to his!

Best moment of the night was seeing his pregnant dancing.
Second best was watching the Franzia box play beer pong.

The whole day was pretty awesome. I was bummed when G said she didn't want us to come trick-or-treating with her, but it turns out that grown-up Halloween is pretty fun too! It got the holiday season off to a great start. Hopefully there are a lot more parties in the next couple of months!

Love, J

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