Friday, October 30, 2009

Hometown rave

The view from my studying spot on the couch.

I feel a little guilty for ragging on Spokane yesterday. Especially when I have been wanting to move back here for so long. And it does have its good qualities. For example, even though you have to drive everywhere, the parking is almost always free. And there's pretty much no traffic, even during rush hour.

Coming over to get some snuggles. I had no idea that rabbits liked to snuggle.

Plus, of course, there are the people. I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to live somewhere with dozens of people who I can call to hang out with at any time. So wonderful.

And then there are the houses, which are so inexpensive that even a jobless recent graduate and new police officer (who is paid shockingly little, considering he gets shot at for a living) can afford to buy. Seattle for sure cannot compete with that.

And finally, Spokane has Lily bunny, who I have fallen absolutely head over heels for, and who I have no intention of returning to her true owner because I would miss her much too much. (Not really. I'll give her back. But G doesn't seem to miss her yet, so hopefully she can hang out here for a while more.)

So I will not complain, the next time some great looking limited release movie skips over the theaters here. Instead I will meet my friends for ultimate frisbee and put the movie on my Netflix queue. I prefer watching in my jammies anyhow.

Love, J

I like to read books. She likes to snack on them. To each her own.

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  1. Hey Jessica! I love your blog! I hope you're still considering writing a novel, because you have such a talent for honest and catchy writing!

    I'm glad that you have a study bunny to study with!! Let me know if there is any way I can help your bar studying...I have lots of homemade flashcards & practice essays that I'd be happy to send your way.