Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stuff that I, a white person, like

This post will be lazy, because I'm not actually writing anything new, just referring you to a very funny website that I discovered this morning.

First I want to direct Grandpa S. and Uncle P. here. This just about sums up my feelings on the subject, except for some reason he leaves out the part about there being too many bugs. Oh, and I have allergies, so I guess that settles the matter?

The whole site is sort of awesome. I love this: "...once a book has been made into a movie, a white person can no longer read that book. To have read the book after the movie is one of the great crimes in white culture, and under no circumstances should you ever admit to doing this. Literally dozens of white friendships have imploded when it was revealed that someone read Fight Club after 1999."

Camping is about the only thing on the list (besides coffee) that I don't like. The rest of it reads like a catalog of all my favorite things. So is the site tongue-in-cheek or dead-on accurate? Hmmm...

And then I found this page and got creeped out because it's too uncanny and now I feel like I'm being watched for material or something.

Love, J

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