Friday, October 2, 2009


On Wednesday this week, I spent the day in the kitchen. I churned out a slow-cooked zucchini-and-other-assorted-vegetable-scraps soup, cubed zucchini fried up with some herbs (I'm still trying to finish that mountain of zukes), cornbread, and a plum pie. We had a friend over for dinner, ate it, stored the leftovers, and it was fine. None of it was worth writing home about, except the pie which was sort of fantastic.

On Thursday, I woke up hungry and did NOT want to cook. Not one bit. Because, like with most things, I'd gone overboard the day before with my 6+ hours in front of the stove and now I needed a break.

This was not a problem for breakfast; I scrounged up some bread and fruit and made tea and was quite happy.

But at lunchtime, I found myself doing tiny laps around the kitchen - fridge to cupboard to lazy Susan and back to fridge - looking for something good, something that didn't require preparation.

I could have eaten out, but that would have meant leaving the house. And if you know me at all, you know that most days I absolutely will not leave the house unless I have to get to an appointment, or I have a gun to my head. Well, I've never actually had a gun to my head, but I think probably that would motivate me at least as well as having to meet a friend at the mall.

It got later, and I got more hungry, more desperate. I began to wonder why McDonald's doesn't deliver. Because a filet-o-fish & fries would really have been awesome. Except that I don't know of any McDonald's near our place, and I'm trying not to learn where the closest one is because I think in the long run it's just better for everyone if I don't know.

In the end, this is what I settled on:

And I sulked the whole time because making it required that I boil water, and that, in my book, is 'cooking.'

Then I texted the hubs and asked him if he'd be so kind as to pick up McDonald's for dinner, because we were officially out of food.

Love, J

PS: We really do have fast food only very rarely, but I've found that when I'm craving something it's best to give in right away because I latch on and can't let go until I get it. Fortunately for my thighs, gut, and heart, I hardly ever crave filet-o-fish & fries.

PPS: Now that I'm in a more lucid place and not delusional from hunger: how gross would it be if McDonald's delivered?

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