Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah, sisters

A friend sent me this and as I watched it I was very, very grateful that KT didn't know about this joke when I was in high school, because she would certainly have done it. More than once. She's never been a prank-someone-laugh-about-it-and-move-on type of girl. She likes to make you feel extra silly for falling for the same joke 5, 6, 7 times over a span of a few months.

Her favorite was to rubber band the spray nozzle on the kitchen faucet open so that when you cranked the water on, you got soaked. This is pretty much exactly how that went, every time. I'm sooo glad this was before YouTube, because I think she would have been a lot more creative and persistent in pranking everyone if she knew she could film and disseminate our reactions.

Lately I've been missing living in a house full of people, but I'm a little less nostalgic when I remember all of the booby trapping that went on.

Love, J

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