Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make like a tree and leaf

Yesterday I raked. A lot. We have really, really big trees and they grow a LOT of leaves. But you know what? I love raking. On my list of 'household chores I like to do,' it ranks up around laundry and getting the mail.
It's just so satisfying, to clean up the messy yard and make colorful, fluffy leaf piles. And it gets you outside in the fall weather.

When I was done, I scooped as many as would fit in the bed of the truck, stomped them down, and took them to the dump. I even had to pay 70 cents to drop them off, which I was proud of because your first 100 pounds are free, so I know I had at least that much.

My problem is that I could only fit about 1/3 of the raked leaves into the truck. And there are still LOTS more on the trees. And today it is pouring rain. And the forecast calls for rain/snow for a ways out.

I've never been in charge of a yard with leaves before. What do you do when it rains on them? Or snows? Do you rake them up in the snow?

I do enjoy raking, but really only weather permitting.

I assume the answer is that I rake them up and take them away in the rain, snow, whatever. That's not so bad, but if that's what needs to be done then you can bet your booty I will be waiting until every last leaf drops before I resume this project. No more raking until my arms ache and then looking behind me to see freshly fallen leaves covering my progress. In the brisk sunshine that makes me laugh at the silliness and shrug my shoulders. In the rain, I'd probably go all Hulk and snap the rake over my knee. (It could happen - I'm strong now from all the raking, remember?)

Any other suggestions? What do you do when it snows on your leaves?

Either way, today I'm taking a break. NPR and a cup of tea are calling my name, and I need to visit them on the couch, where I will crochet slippers and watch the rain.

Love, J

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