Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hometown rant

Spokane is getting on my nerves today.

Reason #1: When I go to the store - any store - in this town and tell the checker (politely, I'm always very polite) that I don't want a bag for my purchase, I am almost always rewarded with a look that is part incredulous, part openly hostile. This happens even when I'm buying only one or two items. And 90% of the time, said snotty checker will try to talk me out of my decision.

Why do they care? What difference does it make? Is the checker who goes through the most bags rewarded with a bonus at the end of the month?

In other cities, this exchange has ended with the checker congratulating me on my commitment to the environment. I don't need such flattery, but it beats the crap out of having to explain myself to an eyes-narrowed, suspicious-of-my-motives employee at Yoke's.

Reason #2: Regina Spektor is playing at the Paramount next week. And the Paramount is not in Spokane.

This isn't me. It's some random, pretty photo from Spokane Yoga Shala's website.

Reason #3: The latest issue of Spokane's local magazine is full of 'Best of the City' lists. They have a yoga category. OZ Fitness is second. Yes, I am a yoga snob, but gym yoga is among the best this city has to offer? Really? I find that hard to believe. Plus they completely left out the Yoga Shala, which is unforgivable.

Reason #4: You need a car to get around in Spokane. Like, actually need one. I have tried so hard to understand the bus system here, and I cannot seem to master it. We've always been a one car family, but I can see the end of that era in the very near future and it really bums me out. Right now we're really 'one car' in name only, since I've been borrowing my step-dad's truck for months to get me to the store and such. I miss the Metro!

I think the honeymoon may be over and I'm going through a little bit of culture shock, being back in the 'burbs. I do appreciate its good aspects, but I keep noticing little things that didn't bother me when I lived here the first time around.

Time to go listen to some Regina on the iPod. If you're in Seattle, go see her for me. She's spectacular (or spek-tacular, rather).

Love, J

PS - This is another good Regina clip. It has her great singing AND encapsulates how I'm feeling about Spokane today. Plus, 'Weeds' is awesome.

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