Monday, October 5, 2009

I've said it before...

These photos are super-blurry because it was so dark - but it works out great because this way I don't have to ask everyone's permission to post their picture, since you can't tell who anyone is anyway, right?

... and I'll say it again. Spokane's biggest asset is its people. Well, usually I say that Spokane's only asset is its people, but that's sort of snarky to write here.

I haven't lived a ton of places, but I've really enjoyed each of the cities I've called home. Pullman was fantastic, so small and sweet, and I loved that on my morning runs I could reach the edge of town within an hour, no matter which direction I went.

And Seattle... don't even get me started on Seattle. After I had so enjoyed a tiny college town, I was very skeptical that I could get any pleasure from such a big city. But it turns out I am a big city girl. Who knew? I think I'd like to go even bigger, if I could; San Fransisco, New York, London. I can't think of anything I didn't completely love about city life, except maybe not having a garden. But even a flower pot garden on the patio could satisfy me, I think, so that doesn't count.

But Spokane has the people. It's got the highest concentration of people I love, friends and family, so it is home. And wow am I ever glad to be back home. I knew I was lonely the 7 years I was away, but I had forgotten how great it is to see everyone so frequently. To not have to drive hours and hours for every holiday. To be able to stop by for lunch with one grandma before catching a matinee with the other. To meet for dinner once a week with friends I've had since seventh grade. And to go to all of G's soccer games and school plays (even on weekdays!) How lucky am I?

Maybe (probably?) everyone will scatter in 10, 20 years and there won't be the huge crowd there is now. If that happens, the hubs and I will reassess and likely pack up and give another city a shot. I still think living overseas would be just awesome. But for now I am glad to be home.

I love you guys. And maybe the rest of you, living all over, would like to think about moving back home too? It's really fun...

Love, J

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