Friday, October 9, 2009

Laughing babies

This is not a laughing baby. It appears to be a squirrel burying a nut in our yard. I suspect it was taken by the tall guy who lives with me, as he has a thing for Where's Waldo-type photos.

Even I can appreciate a baby when it's happy and not making a mess. Or sleeping - they are cute when they sleep.

These are for Missy & Grandma R., but anyone who needs a smile should click the links:

For sure overly cutesy, but it makes me smile. I bet that dog gets sick later though.

This kid looks like he's going to pass out, he's laughing so hard.

And one more. Mostly I like how funny the dad thinks the baby is. But how confused is that kid going to be when he gets in trouble for ripping up his books? (Post edit: one very last video - these guys remind me of those little alien dolls on Toy Story. Maybe because they sound sort of the same and all look alike?)

Have a happy weekend - COLD but pretty, if you're in Spokane! I will be planting tons o' garlic in the yard with the hubs tomorrow, & going to the soccer game of one of the coolest 10-year-olds ever to walk the planet. I hope your weekend is just as good!

Love, J

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