Monday, October 12, 2009

And you thought YOU were dreading Monday

Today's forecast says there will be a high of 42, low of 30 degrees here today.

And the hubs, as part of his very exciting police training, gets to jump in a lake this afternoon, to practice water rescues. He'll dive in clothes, protective vest, and all. And then stay in the water for a while, showing he can get to the bottom to pull a dummy up, tread water for a few minutes, and complete any other challenges they give him.

Two weeks ago, it was still in the 80s here. But when we spent this last Saturday morning outside at G's soccer game, I got an ice cream headache.

Tearing up the field in her super-cute candy cane stockings

Looking like a linebacker in my 3 layers of clothes + big scarf, and still freezing my buns off

Of course he is being a characteristically good sport about the whole thing. I am dreading it much more than him, and right now I am bundled up in sweats and wrapped in a blanket because I get cold just thinking about it. Sympathy pains, or something.


Love, J

PS: Happy post-big-birthday bash, Aunt Chris! I hope it was even more fun than expected!

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