Monday, October 26, 2009

Got myself a little study bunny

I have a riddle for you. Don't you love a good Monday morning riddle? Of course you do.

Whose visit means I have to put our power cords up high...

And can get me out of my warm bed when it looks like this outside...

And when I know I am about to spend my day becoming reacquainted with the Uniform Commercial Code?

Lily the rabbit, of course!

The incomparable G, who among many other things is generous beyond her 11 years, gave Ms. Lily permission to spend a few days here to keep me company and boost my morale as I take up my legal studies once more. And I must say, she is just the most delightful house guest. She silently hops around exploring things, eating the treats I leave out for her and retiring to her cage when she wants to rest.

It's great to have another little soul in the house, even if she's not very chatty.

If you too are experiencing a stormy Monday full of the one task you dislike more than any other, I highly recommend finding some bunny to share it with. It really takes the edge off.

Love, J

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