Monday, September 21, 2009

A detour

The office is messy today, filled with sewing projects left over from the weekend. I don't want to debut the room like that, so instead I will show you the garden.

When we moved in:

And now:

The hubs tilled it up a couple weekends ago, and we mixed in the bags of manure that Grandpa dropped off (thanks Grandpa!) Now it's all tucked in for the winter and I have 7-ish months to plot (haha - get it?) what to do with it.

I know that I will not be growing zucchini. This is because everyone and their mom grows it and each year I get tons of freebies from other gardens. In fact, right now I have about half of this monster pile taking over my kitchen:

I gave away a few, and then used 2 (just 2!) of them to make 5 loaves and 2 dozen muffins of zucchini bread, along with 4 freezer bags of shredded zucchini. I'm tackling what's left of the pile this afternoon. And finishing the sewing projects, of course. Wish me luck!

Love, J

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