Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extreme relaxing

In an effort to break out into the yard to enjoy the last few days of summer, I gathered up my iPod, a book, and notepad and pen and headed out the other day. My destination was the hammock, which at the time was nestled between two maple trees, sort of exposed to the street. I don't need an audience while I read, write, nap, etc., so I drug the hammock around the house and settled it like this:

Very nice, right? Right.


Remember when I asked what I should do with these?

Well, the tree that drops them is the tree under which I parked my little nap-nest. After a while of reading, I was gazing off into the yard when I saw two squirrels run up a tree just across from me. I traced their path as they went up the trunk, out a branch, leapt to a branch on another tree, and then to a branch right above me. And then they set to work. I thought for sure I would be killed. Because our chestnut trees are huge, and when the nuts fall, they fall very far. And fast. And this is what they look like before I've peeled off the husks:


Love, J

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