Thursday, September 24, 2009

The truth

Why am I taking so long to get to the next room on our tour? I’ll tell you: because I have been terribly busy doing practically nothing. It turns out, the less I have to get done, the less I actually do get done. In the years I went school and worked several jobs at a time, I grew accustomed to a certain level of, shall we say, stimulation? And now that all of that stimulation has been removed from my life, I’ve turned into a bit of a slug. Okay, a major slug.

Instead of all of the many, many projects I planned to tackle yesterday, for example, I spent my morning laying in bed staring out the window up at our trees. Then I got up around 9:30 and went to the couch, where I watched ‘Baby Mama’ and ate my way through ¾ of a loaf of homemade bread. Finally, totally grossed out with myself, I spent the rest of the day job hunting on Craigslist (and taking Youtube breaks to oogle Shakira, of course – she has way more than her fair share of cool. Actually, that goes for Wyclef Jean too. Basically that video has an overabundance of cool.)

Apparently, I need some structure to my day if I’m going to accomplish anything, ever. So I sent off three job applications with the hopes that the threat of having to go to work each day will make me appreciate that I’m not working yet, and help me get more done in the meantime.

I think my plan is working. This morning I got up and fixed myself a respectable breakfast, and then wrote for a while. And now I’m blogging. So there, it’s 11 am and already I have accomplished more today than I did in the past 3 days combined. And now I’m going to reward myself by re-watching ‘Baby Mama’ because Tina Fey is just the hottest thing since sliced homemade bread.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You just crack me up, and I am laughing extra hard because I can totally relate! I spent most of my day laying around and watching Dragon Tails with Madison. . . I just love those lazy days where I do nothing - until about 9 pm where I notice all the things that need to be done and it is time to go to bed :) Can't wait to hear about future jobs! You need to get a picture of Josh in uniform too - what a great accomplishment for him!!!