Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October resolution

Six months ago, I was convinced that the second I finished the bar, my yoga practice would flourish. Once I no longer had homework to compete for my attentions, I reasoned, of course I would focus more completely on my practice. This has not been the case. It turns out that all of the fun, frivolous activities I now have to choose from are actually way more distracting than outlining and brief writing ever were.

I am still getting on the mat occasionally, but more often I succumb to the call of any/all of the following:

Art being made (or copied, rather, from a pretty piece I spotted in Auntie Mary's home).

Tomatoes waiting to be turned into chili.

Just the sweetest little crochet I've had my hands on in ages. Pattern here.
(Though I've simplified it lots to suit my appreciation for the straightforward.

A lonely first chapter wishing I would write a second to keep it company.

Yes, I've read this almost every summer since I was 15, and no, I'm not exactly in its target demographic. But I love it, nonetheless.

I love all of these things and am so glad that I finally have time to spend with them. I mean seriously, I'm reading novels again. I was sure that day would never come. But I do miss my practice. So tomorrow, I begin with a renewed commitment. 31 straight days of time on my mat. A new season, a new start.

I am ready.

Love, J

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