Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Projects and progress - Part 1

We've been hard at work on the house since we moved in, and it's really coming together now. I think it's time for some before and after pictures. Our tour begins in the bedroom:

Please direct your attention to the carpet (which smelled like cat pee) and dark blue walls (which I didn't actually hate, but the hubs said had to go). These pictures were taken before I'd unpacked my fabulous, fancy new graduation camera, so that will add to the contrast between the before and after photos.

And now, abra-cadabra, just like that (6 weeks after moving in), it looks like this:

Mostly we just painted and had the floors done, but doesn't it look better? And I sewed the curtains, which is good because supposedly the focus of my blog is 'stuff I've made' but I've sort of gotten off track lately.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that every single thing you can see in this photo (and a lot you can't, including all the clothes in the dressers) were either thrifted or gifted to us. I'm rather smug that we've been so successful at easing out of the consumer pool. Oops, wait, our wedding cake topper's in the back corner, and we bought that new. My bad. Smugness gone.

Anyhow, I'm sooo happy with how things are turning out, I can't even tell you. Tomorrow we will continue our tour into the living room...

From here you can see a thrifted vanity, mirror, dresser, lightswitch plate, curtains, curtain rod, laundry basket, and bedspread. Pretty good, huh?


  1. Awesome! It looks fabulous. Now I want to coome see it in person. <3 Lauren

  2. You should! I'm getting to your room in a few days, you'll see.