Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I'm not up to

Catching up on my friends' blogs, I see I made Natalie's blog roll. This means there is at least one person who reads this, which is weird to me. I was thinking of this as an exercise in self centeredness, like a public diary. But now it's feeling more like an actual way to keep people up-to-date with what's going on in my life.

I am too lazy to do a real post today. A real post would require photos, which means uploading them from our camera, which means changing the camera's batteries, and that's way more ambitious than I feel this evening. So instead of relating what I've been doing, here's what I haven't been doing (since I don't need pictures for that):

- I'm not starting school, even though it's September. Heck yes, no more school for me.
- I'm not studying. The bar exam is over, and good riddance to it. I'll get my results mid-October but (knock on wood) I think I'll be okay. It was very hard but I'm pretty sure I eeked by (knock on wood again).
- I'm not working. Because I don't want to yet. My summer vacation didn't start until the exam ended at the very end of July, so I'm taking it well into fall this year.
- I'm not having babies. No more school and hitting our 6 year wedding anniversary have started family and friends a-questioning. 'No,' is the answer to that question.
- I'm not living in Seattle anymore. We're back in Spokane! Yay! (Which also means, unfortunately, that I am NOT enjoying my thrice-weekly sushi binges, darn it.)

So that's what I'm not up to. But I'll put the whole batteries/camera/real post thing on my to-do list and be back shortly.

Love, J

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  1. I just love you Jessica! Love the post and especially loved the "I am not having babies" part. You just crack me up. We are going to be in Spokompton from the 8th - 18th, we should get together for dinner one night (we will have free babysitting which is even better!!!). Keep those posts coming since I am loving reading them!!!!