Thursday, September 17, 2009

Projects and progress - Part 2

I always do this. I promise myself I'll take great 'before' photos of something and then I get so overwhelmed by all the work ahead of me that I just start the project and forget about pictures. Lucky for me, G came to the home inspection before we moved in and occupied herself with my camera, so these pictures of our living room are brought to you by her:

That's our awesome realtor Dale in the kitchen.

This time I'd like to draw your attention to the pink walls, pink, super-textured ceiling, and rusty baseboards. We replaced the baseboards with gas forced air. I turned it on one morning last week and it was so cozy, so quick! One of the many great things about having a small house. And not having the baseboards to work around made it way easier to arrange furniture in each room.

So that was then, and this is now:

I won't bore you by pointing out how many things in here are second hand (most of them are), but I do want to highlight the dining room set, because we found it on the side of the road in Spokane 4 years ago. I'm so excited because I love it but it's been in storage practically since we picked it up. In the 7 years we've been out on our own, we haven't had room for a dining room table until now!

I still need to paint over the spots where the old baseboards were, and when we feel ambitious enough I'm sure that wood paneling will go. Also the curtains aren't done, some of them are just pinned in place. But mostly we're good to go!

LOTS of good trees out every window.

I like the contrast between these two:

That 'Om' was a Christmas gift from Grant a couple years ago and is one of my absolute favorite things ever. It was the hardest thing to put up in the house because I wanted it to be everywhere!

Tomorrow we'll go down the hall to the computer/sewing/tv room.

Love, J

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