Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you note

Dear Jessica,

A while back, I wished for a good book. Within days, you stuck a package in the mail, shipped it all the way from Sin City; my new favorite book.

The Help.

So. Good.

Jessica, you should know that I read it right up, and then lent it to my grandmother, who called me the next day to mock-scold me for depriving her of her beauty rest. It was so good, she couldn't put it down.

And then it was passed along to my step-dad, who read it pretty fast too, which was special because up until now the only books we've both read and enjoyed have revolved around Chuck Norris or Bigfoot. (Chuck Norris = The Man. But everyone knows that.)

G even made it about a chapter in, before the Hubs saw she was taking reading material suggestions and distracted her with a paperback about sharks.

And now it's sitting on my vanity, waiting to be handed off to a friend who is recovering from surgery and is bored sitting at home on bed rest.

So thank you, Jessica. You are a very good friend, and I just wanted you to know that your sweet little gesture has been a gift that's kept on giving.

Love you bunches, J

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  1. I'm glad it's getting around....that's how books should be enjoyed! Seeing you soon, <3 J