Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to hibernate

I'm calling it: fall is here. It's rainy and cold-ish, but here's what really marks the end of summer for me:

1. pulling out the garden (check)
2. swapping out the sundresses in my closet for long pants and sweaters (check)
3. planting garlic (this weekend)
4. juicing our grapes (this weekend)

I'm not even too sad about it this year, having fully enjoyed lots of hot days out among my tomato plants. Right now I am pleasantly resigned to spend the next 5 months in my natural habitat: watching TV on the couch, knitting project in my lap. Or, if the internet goes out or I run low on Hulu goodies, curling up with a library book.

I'll go outside if there's enough snow to sled in, but other than that, I prefer to enjoy the great outdoors only through my windows once it gets cold.

See you in the spring.

Love, J

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