Sunday, October 31, 2010


This morning as we raked the yard, the hubs asked me if I thought we were in a better place than we were a year ago. I liked this question, because the answer is, "absolutely."

Ways Fall 2010 beats the pants off Fall 2009:

~ I've passed the bar exam
~ Hubs is done with the police academy
~ We're totally settled into our house
~ My student loans are about 1/2 what they were a year ago
~ We've got 4 sweet rabbits
~ The uncertainty of what the hub's job will be like is gone

I may still be floundering career-wise, but recognizing all of the ways we have made progress this year helps me relax and enjoy the many good things that have come our way.

Plus, when I look at my posts from a year ago, I can only be grateful. Because this afternoon is so different from that one. Today I am reading a novel in our sun-drenched living room, with four little friends lounging all around me.

When Officer Hunky wakes up from his nap, we're going to Pier One, just because, and then maybe out to dinner. Why? Because we can. Because without tome after mind-numbing tome of dense legal grossness to pour over, I can fritter a Sunday afternoon away without suffering a crippling guilt attack.

That is the main reason why Fall 2010 kills Fall 2009.

And maybe Fall 2011 will trounce this year because it will find me gainfully employed in some schmancy legal aid office, my guy and I joyfully ensconced in a carefree DINK life. You never know - a lot can change in a year.

Love, J

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