Monday, September 19, 2011

Stock the Cellar

I am:

~ officially in business as the owner of a small batch cannery.

~ 324 jars deep in pints of pickled green beans.

~ exhausted and exhilarated from long days in the field & kitchen.

~ planning on keeping up the pace until the first frost ends the beans.

~ getting ready for my first sale booth this weekend at the Cheney rodeo.

~ regretting that I'm too tired to post any photos. maybe i can make up for it soon with one of G in a hairnet, because that's really too sweet for words.

~ so, so so hoping against all hope that this little project turns into something bigger. it's backbreaking, impractical, and not too lucrative but oh my gosh do i love it so much. like, love. for reals.

love & goodnight,

a very content J

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