Friday, August 24, 2012


my laptop's been down
and something is wrong with fancycamera as well
i've been a bit swamped with work
and then out having a summer, the rest of the time:
family time
friend time
bunny rabbits
plotting and planning
even a little bit of travel
(which i'm finding i can actually enjoy, if i make sort of an effort)

all of these +ed together = one big excuse for the blogquiet

probably i'll come back when the computer sitch is sorted out.
(i'm posting this from an ipad and sort of loving it.  maybe that's my solution.)
hopefully fancycamera is fixable too.
blogging's no fun without fancycamera.

here is a cool blog i just discovered, with yummy looking vegan food

i still wish i was a better cook.  must work on that this fall, once the garden is tucked in.

i wonder how picture posting would go on an ipad?
difficulty handling photos = dealbreaker

but i'm out in the yard right now with the buns (who've been SO patient with the craziness here, and haven't seen the sun for a couple of days, while we work and fret and rush around).  and the ipad is pretty slick for that - portable, gets the internet signal all strong, and the screen is easy to see in the bright sun.

be back eventually,

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