Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are so tired.  We're at the end of two exhausting weeks of something-huge-to-do-every-day.  Some of it was just for fun, some of it was just work, and a lot of it was a mix of the two.  In just the last 14 days, we've:

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Visited a few times with the "other" Jess, and finally met gorgeous Homegirl. 

Been out to River's Wish about a million times as we prepped for, threw, and then cleaned up after a very huge, very successful auction fundraiser. 

Kind of kept up with the garden.

Saw two Old Bear Mountain shows in one night, and were treated with my lovely friend Lauren's company for the night.  

 Went to RW a few more times.

Cashed in an Indian's game box seat that we won as a family at an auction at Step-Dad's church this spring.

Got to see some of but not nearly enough of our family at various get-togethers.

Celebrated our tenth anniversary and rocked it like a hurricane at karaoke night on a mini-trip to visit the sisters.  And again, Ms. Lauren joined in, both for the evening and for a wicked Sublime duet with yours truly which I must say, nearly brought the house down.  KT, B and I worked our way through lots of early 90's country - Reba, The Judds, and some Garth.  (Because it's always more fun to sing songs you don't even need the prompter for.)

Fun fact: The Hubs LOOOVES karaoke.  It makes him feel like a rockstar and he gets so into it, it's really fun to watch.

Love, J

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