Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long time reader, first time blogger

Birthday Bunny for Laura

Tonight, I blog. I've been closely following about 10 different blogs for the past year or so, ever since I realized what a great way it is to keep busy during my law school classes. Because really, who wouldn't rather read about the escapades of this spicy lady or the new projects of these crafty gals than listen to a two and a half hour lecture on payment systems? (I'm not exaggerating, that's really how long that class is, and it's very, very dull. And also quite pointless. Except that it's on the bar. So I guess it's relevant until the end of July. After that, it's pointless.)

I think it'll be good. "Good" in that I will find it fun, and honestly, that's all I'm looking for in anything lately. You know those "25 Random Things About Me" lists going around on Facebook? And you know how everyone writes something like "#13: this is really hard, I can't think of that many things to say about myself! Lol!!!" I don't get that. I could write a freaking book on myself every day, because I am incredibly self-centered and find myself and my thoughts endlessly fascinating. So here I go.

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