Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So, I found a job...

And start tomorrow. I can never tell going into these things, but I'm 90% sure this is a great opportunity. More importantly, I'm 100% sure it's at least an opportunity of some kind, and it's the first one to come along in the almost-a-year I've been on and off hunting, so I am very grateful for it.

During my jobless months, I've acquired a skill that a year ago I didn't even know I lacked: the ability to keep busy. Without school or work, I can easily fill my days with TV and napping. It is more of a challenge for me to cobble together an actual real life when I don't have that one main activity around which to orbit hobbies and chores.

But in the last couple of months, I have really gotten it together. Instead of spending all day in my jammies zoning out to reruns of How I Met Your Mother, I've been getting up early for yoga, working a few hours a week at odd jobs, volunteering, gardening a ton, taking care of the bunnies, and spending time with G. I haven't lost my finely honed relax-and-do-nothing skills, but I can now compliment them with the ability to be productive even without structure.

But I'm still looking forward to having the structure back. And the money. The money does not hurt one bit.

More on the job later. And the rabbits. And the garden. And our next visit by a very cool guy.

But now I have to attend to the many loose ends I need to tie up before I report for duty tomorrow, the first day of my legal career!

Love, J

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  1. Hooray! For the job, not for the fact you can't stay in your pj's all day! Sorry I couldn't swing by and say hello, both my sisters and their families were in Spokane and we were doing family stuff the whole time. It was like a mini-family-reunion. Can't wait to hear details about the job and see more pictures of those cute bunnies!!!