Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting together

I've got to start catching up with my backlog of photos and happenings around here!

This is the only decent photo from our Thanksgiving brunch. The light is so weird in the living room, it's not easy to get shots of everyone that aren't either silhouettes or blurry beyond recognition.

For Thanksgiving itself, the hubs and I trekked over the mountains for a meal with my aunt and uncle, and then Black Friday in Seattle. It was wonderful! I get the appeal of country holidays, but to me, nothing says "Christmas" like a wintery day in the city, with the lights all lit, music playing, and the crowds. I even got to go a little nuts shopping. It's fun to have the excuse, "I can't find these back home, so I'd better stock up!"

And then we came home and I barely ate anything for 2 days, when I finally overcame my food hangover.

Love, J

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