Tuesday, November 30, 2010

River's Wish


Some of the rabbits at River's Wish needed new headshots for their profiles on Petfinder, so G and I spent an afternoon up there practicing our photography.

(And also, getting really good at handling all shapes and sizes of bunnies.)

Buddy the goat lives under the staircase. Goats sort of freak me out, and Buddy is no exception. I love that the rabbits run around him and he sort of oversees the room. But this cuteness is canceled out by how brazen he is when let out of his pen. I find it very unsettling to be standing there and have him walk up and put his face right up against mine.

No sense of personal space

It really is the nicest place. I can hardly refer to it as a "shelter," because that has such bad connotations. River's Wish is a real home to these animals, and a lot of them aren't even up for adoption, due to their special needs or conditions.

Sand is trucked in to this enclosure so the rabbits can dig and play outside when the weather is nice. Every few weeks the owners run the backhoe over it and the bunnies get to start their tunnels fresh.

These are two of the babies we fostered last spring

Love, J

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