Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So many happy things

I just ordered good snowboots online. When they arrive, I'll zip them on and trek out to the yard and take better pictures of the lights.

In no particular order...

1. My husband = Awesome

2. Our house is all bedecked in Christmas lights, even more so than last year.

3. Grandma gave my hair a much-needed trim yesterday, and I'm no longer scrappy.

4. Today I begin my volunteer position with my
dream organization. I seriously idolize this group. So much so that I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I encounter one of their staff attorneys at a training or seminar. They are basically the rock stars of the legal aid world. And in an hour, I will head out to go work with them! Swoon.

5. We had the hubs' corn chowder for dinner last night. (This is really a subsection of #1, above.)

6. I am ridiculously overloaded with fantastic Christmas present ideas this year, and for once I have the corresponding time and enthusiasm to make them all happen.

7. I was going to cap this list with the winter wonderland snowfall we're currently having. Then, halfway through writing point #4, my cell phone rang. It was the hubs calling from the garage to tell me his patrol car won't start and can I put on some boots and come jump start it?

Over an HOUR later, I made it back inside. The snow made it impossible for us to fully push the patrol car out of the garage, and much shoveling (and an admirably small amount of cursing) resulted.

But you know what?

I can't hold it against the snow.

Because it's just too darn pretty.

And also, I came inside to find this little scene:

Happy things # 8 & 9. #10 & 11 are asleep on the bed.

So I'd be hard pressed to think of anything bad to say at all right now.

Wish me luck with the rock stars! I'll try not to embarrass myself by asking for autographs or anything. At least not on my first day.

Love, J

PS~ #12: The grocery store is carrying satsumas.

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