Thursday, December 30, 2010

They can't all be winners

As pleased as I was with the way Christmas-gift-making went this year, the two projects I was most excited for were complete disasters.

First, the river rock bath mat for Aunt Micky, for which I've been planning and saving good stones for a year. I had them all plotted out on their plastic backing, glued them down right nice, and was mighty pleased with the results. Until I went to wrap it and the second I picked it up, the rocks began to fall right off. I suppose I needed better backing and stronger glue.

And second, this great idea, which I was totally stoked about. I even went out and bought a metal stamp set retail, which you all know indicates that I meant business.

But alas, though G and I scoured 3 different thrift shops, we couldn't find spoons flimsy and soft enough to be stamped. So now I have a lot of flat, unlettered spoons. I think the trick here is using real, old, at least partly silver spoons. We had a bit more success with the fancier spoons we tried.

At least they make really nice, heavy duty bookmarks!

Love, J

PS~ How good are the Harry Potter books?! I finally started the series last week, and am much loving them! And I don't at all regret waiting until now to read them, because it was easy for me to get all 7 from the library, and I would have hated not being able to grab the next book as soon as I'd finished the last, if I'd been reading them one at a time as they were released.

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