Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lily on a shelf, and an update

Not much news-wise around here, but I thought I'd pop in to say 'hi.'


We've gutted the house top to bottom for the new year, bagging LOTS of stuff and packing it off to Goodwill. It's how we complete our household's consumerism circle of life, since everything comes from thrift shops to begin with.

I read the final Harry Potter book last weekend. And if "Twilight" made me feel like writing on a larger scale was an accessible, not-impossible thing to do, "Harry Potter" has had the opposite effect. JK Rowling knows her shit.

I've settled into the dream job right nice, though I'm still pinching myself every once in a while. And I'm learning that housing law is a tad more complicated than I'd counted on. Apparently there's a lot more to it than the landlord/tenant gimme-back-my-deposit questions I fielded as an intern.

Oh, and I've begun my first quilt. I think. The fabric I'm using is unusual and inconsistently textured, so it will be quite a lucky thing if it all turns out. But I'm having fun trying! Pictures soon, next time I'm home when it's light out.

Love, J

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