Friday, January 21, 2011

What I now know about airbags

1. They smell bad when deployed;

2. And will save your face;

3. But not keep your neck and back from feeling hella achy & stiff the next day;

4. And apparently, in our car, they come with a little dashboard light of a person getting slammed with an airbag. This light comes on after the bag is deployed. Like, "Hey! This is you! You just got slammed with an airbag! In case you didn't notice!"

I am very okay (aside from #3), and will keep busy this weekend parlaying my little adventure into any advantage I can think of. I've already scored the hubs staying home from his shift to hang out with me, and my own pizza for dinner last night. And if the doctor next week gives me a referral to a massage therapist, well that would just be very cool.

Love, J

PS ~ Here's a video that I like not only because it is very happy and sweet, but also because one of my high school friends works with George as a nurse at the same hospital, which is pretty neat.

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  1. Oh Jessica!!! I am glad you are seeing the bright-side of getting into a car accident, but seriously how scary!!! I am so glad you are doing okay with no serious injuries. That darn Spokane snow. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - I just love you. I hope your back starts feeling better!!