Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June greenhouse

This is my favorite spot in the world right now. I sit in my blue chair with a cup of tea and watch the rabbits tear across their patch of the yard.

The hubs put up this nice pen for them, complete with gates fashioned from bits of the playset he tore down.

I usually leave the greenhouse door open when we're all outside, so they can wander in and out. Bread loves to hide out and nap in the tall grass under the table.

These tomatoes are my pride and joy of the moment. They were all started at home from seeds, thanks to the fabulous greenhouse. This little building has increased the garden's possibilities so much, I'm still having trouble comprehending all of its potential.

The melons are a little bit slow in taking off, but the cucumbers are shooting right up. I think we'll have a handful of green ones and a few lemons ready next week!

Love, J

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