Monday, January 23, 2012

We saw the goats again

Ha, can you tell I've been busy working? Long days on my feet = evenings on the couch curled around my embroidery hoop; not much to blog about.

I may try to sneak my camera in to work sometime to take pictures of the greenhouses, though the best parts aren't photograph-able: the sunny, balminess that fogs up my glasses as I come inside from the cold, and the neat, satisfying feeling of clipping leaves as I tidy the houseplants up for customers. Even though it's hardly the stuff a career is made of, it's a pretty sweet for-now gig.

We did make the trek to River's Wish last weekend to visit our favorite baby goats. They've come a long way since we first met them. Where before they both sort of tottered around newborn-Bambi-style, now they hop like fleas all over the place. They both liked to jump on our backs when we leaned over, and they gummed the crap out of my coat.

Said coat now smells like goat, but I can't say that's a bad thing.

Love, J

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