Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas photo dump

Day One:
~ Fancy dinner with grandparents and mi padre y madrastra.

Day Two:
~ Grandma made slippers & cake; the Aunts made tamales. Life was good.

Day Three:
~ Beth made the hubs the coolest sweatshirt EVER; G made all the sisters stuffed animals.
~ Step-dad got BIL Airsoft guns, which he and the hubs promptly took outside to shoot at each other.
~ Beth used Step-Dad's stocking jump rope to demonstrate her mad criss-cross skillz.

Later on Day Three:
~ I lost interest in taking pictures as I grew too worn out and full to move around much, but we had another lovely celebration at the in-laws.
~ Hubs made a personalized coloring book for baby niece which turned out to be a big hit, and was nicely accompanied by some nubby crayons G and I melted for fun a few weeks ago.

Love, J

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